Friday Adventure Hook

The Inn of the Green Field is one of your favorite spots to unwind after adventuring in the wild. You and your companions settle in to your favorite table and order a round of ale. Tamira, the serving girl, is shortly headed in your direction, hands full with the frothy mugs. As she sets them down you notice something. She’s smiling her usual smile, but she’s… sweating. She casts a quick glance in your direction, and her eyes dart away just as rapidly. Your concentration is broken as you hear a floorboard creak behind you…

You blearily blink your eyes open. Your head is swimming. What happened? The last thing you remember was a creak, and… you’re in… a cage.


One thought on “Friday Adventure Hook

  1. Okay, this one is really good. I HAVE to know what happens! Is the cage made out of iron or the bones of previous captives? Is Tamira a double agent? Did she trick us? What was in those frothy mugs? TELL ME!

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