Meet my D&D Players

I’ve been working on this for close to a month. I’d heard of the Reaper Bones series of minis before, but only recently took a look at them. Some of the sculpts were just so cool, I decided I wanted to buy minis for my five players. They’re only like $3 each, so it didn’t hurt the pocketbook at all. (aside – does anyone actually call a wallet a “pocketbook” outside of using that phrase?)

In the process of planning how I wanted to paint the minis, I had an idea: I knew I could create custom bases for all of them using Autodesk Fusion 360 and my MakerGear M2 printer. Wouldn’t it be cool if all the bases fit together into a larger scene? With that challenge ahead of me, I started a long process of designing and eventually printing the diorama base. I did a good bit of post work after it came off the printer, including liberal use of vinyl spackle, then painted the minis, and finally painted and textured the base.

Anyway, this is largely going to be a photo post. I’ll go into more detail on the process in later posts. Until then, enjoy!

20170625_105526 copy
The full diorama with minis on custom bases that blend into the scene.
Jormun the Dragonborn Paladin charges into the fray.
Elvanithra the Drow Sorceress and Paedrid the Wizard call upon the arcane elements to defend their comrades.
Syrio the Fighter and Rohala the Tiefling Rogue; masters of bladecraft.

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