Painting the Merchant – Part 2

After laying down the base color for the wall panels I took another look at the model as a whole, and I just didn’t like the way the panels looked. In reality these would have been some kind of plaster. The finish would have varied from somewhat smooth to an almost stucco texture. I didn’t need to overly worry as this is for a fantasy RPG, so I can do what I want! 🙂


I ended up mixing some of the Antique Parchment paint with some white PVA glue (Elmer’s) then I added a mix of sand and fine grit. I mixed it all up to a thin kind of paste and applied it with an old brush. I decided just to apply it to the exterior sections. I am very pleased with the results. It adds a whole new level of texture contrast that wasn’t there in the base model. Wait until I get to the washes and drybrushing…

As you can tell from the picture above, the next step was base coating the timber frames.I went with Nutmeg Brown from the Apple Barrel line. It’s one of my favorite shades for general woodwork.How you want to paint the lower section is up to you. 20170528_143842I chose to paint it as a mix of plaster and wooden timbers. However, I noticed the Printable Scenery image of the model painted it all as wood. Admittedly, the way I did it takes more time, but I really like the end product.

I found painting the timber on the inside to be… tricky. I don’t have the smallest hands, and it was difficult to get a good angle on some of the lower timbers. Instead of gluing all 4 sections of the floor together, as I did here, in the future I might just glue up the two halves, paint, then glue the halves together.

After finishing the first floor, I repeated the same steps for the second floor and the roof section.


In the next entry in this series, I’ll apply washes and drybrush, bringing quite a bit of depth and character to the model, then paint the interior floors. Here’s a sneak peek:



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