Painting the Merchant – Part 1

It’s time for another painting guide (sort of). I’ll once again be painting a 3D printed design from; this time the “Merchants and Market” building. I printed in PLA on my MakerGear M2 at a 200 micron layer height. I chose to print each floor in whole, though in retrospect, printing the floors in pieces (both options offered in the zip file) would have made painting the interior quite a bit easier. The whole building ended up costing about $6.00 in plastic to print. I love 3D printing.

I wanted to try to minimize the layer lines as much as I could without taking the effort to sand the full piece; another choice where, in retrospect and given how much time I spent painting, I would have been better suited to do some sanding. I used Rustoleum Gray Filler Primer, which ended up doing an “ok” job filling in some layer lines. Next time I’ll do more prep, but I was too anxious for my own good to jump into painting.


After priming the next step was a bit of undertone work using the airbrush. I knew I wanted the wall panels to have a lighter base than the stone work or the roof. I wasn’t too worried about being incredibly precise here (it was just an undertone afterall) so I just used a bit of cardstock for some quick masking as I went along.


After looking at the model for a bit and getting some ideas from reference photos online, I changed my mind about my approach to the roof. I now wanted it to be a brighter point of contrast. I decided to pickup the airbrush again and apply some white. I focused on keeping the airbrush angled high above the surface at about a 45 degree angle; mimicking the direction of sunlight. The idea here is that I would paint the roof tiles with fairly thin layers of color later, allowing this undercoat to preshade the paint for me.

After that bit of airbrushing, it was time to start adding some base colors. I went with Apple Barrel Antique Parchment for the light wall panel sections, applied with a brush. This was the first time where I started to realize that even as large as the model was, it would still be difficult to cleanly paint the lower wall areas on the interior. My paws are just a bit too large!


Next time I’ll paint the wood timbers and add some texture to the wall panels.


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