Painting Cavern Tiles – Part 3

Now that the details are painted, it’s time to start to tie everything together.

The floor is currently very contrasty compared to the walls. Personally I do like some level of contrast between floor and wall – it adds visual interest – but the goal is to make this look more like one cave; created over time from the same type of stone.

We’ll accomplish this by heavily dry brushing the floor using the same color we used to base coat the walls – Khaki from Apple Barrel. Some people refer to this as a “wet” drybrush, since you’ll have more paint on the brush than is typical with a drybrush. If you end up laying down too much paint, just quickly wipe it with a paper towel (or your fingertip, like me). Feel free to be quite aggressive.

I accidentally started the next step before snapping the picture, so only 3 of the 5 made this photo op.

Every now and then, hold the tile out at about arm’s length and squint a bit. This will help you see if the overall color palette is getting closer. You may end up going back and drybrushing even more as the coat dries (which I ended up doing after taking the above picture).

At this point you’re starting to see the depth coming out, but the walls are still very… flat. We’ll add some dimensionality with a wash. I’m using a fairly diluted black wash by adding 3-5 drops of Black Vallejo Game Color Wash to roughly twice as much water. Then, using a medium brush I dap and brush it all over the Khaki sections of the wall. We don’t want to wash the calcium columns. They’ll get a lighter treatment later.


Also, make sure you don’t get the wash into the floor. The brown base coat is taking care of the shadow depth for us already. A wash will just heighten the contrast. Remember, we’re trying to add depth and unify the floors to the walls.

Almost done. In the final post of the series, we’ll do a bit more drybrushing and a little special effect to really make the tiles pop.


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